Solutions for You

The hair replacement option you choose will depend on several variables. Consider the following questions:

  • Am I a candidate for the topical solutions and supplements with the cosmetic light therapy?
  • Do I need an occasional solution for a temporary hair loss issue, or to create a fuller/fancier effect for special events?
  • Do I want a daily wear solution, and if so, would I prefer an adhesive, or clip on method?
  • Do I have a relatively active lifestyle that warrants a semi-permanent hair replacement system?
  • Which of the above options fits my financial budget?

Okay, the last question actually requires you to meet with the Hairtologist in person, so contact the Hair Care Centre for a private complimentary consultation

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    Again, thank you Kyle for taking your time each visit to help me look my best.

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    Finally after 20 years I was happy again!

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    To anyone out there who is in the same position that I was, I could promise you that coming to Kyle at the Hair Care Centre will be the best decision for hair loss solutions you can ever make.

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